Stellar Technologies is an innovative technology company located in Southern Indiana near the Ohio River.  We have been at our current location for over 20 years.  With more than 200 years combined experience in original end manufacturing, machine building, automation and robotics, controls engineering, programmable logic, tool making, machining, fabricating, waterjetting, end-of-arm tooling, etc., we are Bringing You the Future Now!

Stellar Technologies offers start-to-finish conception, design, machine build and service for your special project.  We bring creativity and problem solving to the table when you have a job that needs an answer.  Stellar services a wide array of industries including automotive, high-tech, consumer goods, mining and energy, medical, as well as construction and others.  Let Stellar Technologies go to work to bring a cost-effictive solution to your business.  Call or write to request a quote or to discuss your future plans with us.